Our understanding of Telecom Industry

Our vast experience in Telecom Industry has taught us how dynamic ,flexible, analytical a web or software application should be serving telecom business needs.With telecom companies changing their plans & services on monthly or sometimes even mid month it expects the system to be totally robust in handling all its changes with minimal downtime and maximum throughput. Billing & Commissions are the 2 vital aspects which the telecom companies expect to be quickly incorporated with minimal cycle and turnaround time.We at Samadha based on our past implementation experiences in telecom make sure we always design, build and implement the most robust system that can tackle any level of changes with least downtime thereby running the customer’s business totally uninterrupted with changes incorporated.

What makes our Odoo Implementations stand out for Telecom?

The experience of our team in implementing Telecom projects have refined our way of approach and implementation towards Telecom & other industry Implementation and how dynamic an industry can be with respect to it’s customer base and hence, we follow a design based approach for all our Odoo telecom implementations so our product design is flexible when it comes to dealing with the dynamics of the Industry.