Our understanding of the retail industry

We view the retail industry as a traditional one which involves the direct customer engagement, as the customer physically visits you establishment. This is exactly when you get to an opportunity to make your magical sale. A magical sale experience for customers can be built based on three important things, first one being the easy of finding the products needed and second is the arrangement of product to provoke impulsive buys and the last one is knowing when to place offers on products. Our goal is to help our partners maximize magical sales.

How can odoo help you efficiently manage retail operations?

Odoo’s recently launched POS is a well suited system to undertake any type of Retail operations right from Restaurants to different types of Marts & Grocery stores. Odoo POS offline feature also allows users to work Offline even when out of Internet Connection and sync’s back to system once online with updated information.Seamlessly integrated with Odoo helps to direct communicate with the Bookkeeping system and different payment gateways and hence, proves to be a good B2C and B2B system.