Our understanding of Integrations

We view the Integrations as a significant and the most vital feature of an application to seamlessly integrate with any type of webapps , hosted applications , SAAS , Proprietary and non-proprietary systems. In today’s digital world its very crucial and decisive to have our system to be able to be integrated with any type of applications right from Shipping services, Payment Gateways and eCommerce portals which provide the businesses a competitive advantage with their operation records flowing down to a single system and completing their financials processes. This reduces redundant labour work that goes into creating insightful reports which help businesses take quick and informed decisions that boost business growth.

How can Odoo help you efficiently manage all your Integrations?

The very basic structure of Odoo is designed in such a way to integrate it with any third party application with minimal effort and time. We at Samadha follow the basic philosophy of designing the system and then, building and implementing it. Our expertise in Odoo system design booster’s our integrations implementations with almost any third party application and our precise Mapping mechanisms helps understand third party application both at technical & functional level at first site thereby leading to successful planning and implementations.