Why choose odoo?

  1. Odoo is a fully web-based ERP application which not only allows our clients to run their ERP operations but at the same time provides an option to also host their own intranet or eCommerce ​website ​within ​Odoo.
  2. Odoo’s flexible architecture allows it to scale vertically and horizontally to any extent which means even if your business is growing at more than 100% every year, it can easily accommodate any number of operations & users within the system with minimal expansion of hardware ​infrastructure.
  3. Odoo is an All-In-One management software which eradicates the need of any third party system required to run the company’s departmental operations e.g. HR, Accounting, Survey, eCommerce ​website ​and ​other ​department ​modules ​& ​processes.
  4. Odoo can be seamlessly integrated with almost every software application across the Globe with ​maximum ​security ​measures.
  5. Biggest Advantage of utilizing Odoo is the system can be molded & blended as per the Client’s customized business & departmental process with minimal downtime & maximum throughoutdue ​to ​its ​flexible ​Application ​& ​Database ​architecture.
  6. Odoo has proven to very cost effective over the years due to its dual versioning i.e. Enterprise & Community versions which has suited both SME & High end businesses which in turn has provided ​them ​over ​500% ​​ROI (Return ​On ​Investment) ​through ​Odoo ​system.

Below is a list of odoo implementation and support services we provide:

  • Our services includes development & customization of Odoo Modules as per Business analysis report having SRS as the base for all custom development.
  • All the developments & customizations are performed as per Odoo defined standards which leads to higher efficiency , quicker executions , cleaner code with easy maintenance.
  • GIT server is utilized to maintain all the code repositories & versioning on different server for parallel developments , code backups, easy production movement, quick access and verification of code
  • Hosting the application on Cloud
  • Setting up the Cloud Infrastructure for application hosting
  • Hosting of all support services relevant to Application & Client’s Business
  • Database hosting on a separate Amazon server with automated maintenance of DB services
  • Periodical backups & health checks
  • Odoo customizations performed in alignment with the GAP analysis report
  • Customizations fill in Gaps between the proposed processes and Odoo default flow and helps customers work in Odoo with their custom business defined process flows
  • We follow Agile Model of Implementation which is based on Iterative & incremental development design to suit customer’s dynamic needs .
  • Through Agile we promote, adaptive planning, evolutionary development & delivery, a time-boxed iterative approach and encourages rapid & flexible response to change.
  • It aligns with our custom delivery model as design, develop , test & release.
  • In short , we cover all aspects of Odoo project management & implementation right from Installation to Support through our different delivery models ready to cater to our client’s business needs.
  • Our upgrade services highlight every aspect of Odoo services upgrade and provides our clients with a clear picture on the benefits of upgrade of services.
  • We provide all support services from Odoo right from customization, configuration & services maintenance support through our unique support services (SLA) designed and framed as per our client’s custom needs.