Our ​Business ​Consulting ​services ​aim ​at ​5 ​pillars ​of ​Implementation :

  • Design ​& ​Create ​Solution.
  • Identify ​the ​right ​requirements ​& ​document ​it.
  • Deliver ​projects ​on ​time.
  • Increase ​the ​Overall ​delivery ​& ​implementation ​efficiency.
  • Reduce ​overall ​project ​costs ​& ​regulate ​expense ​reductions ​through ​increased efficiency ​& ​automation ​of ​processes.

The services we provide have been listed below:

We ​focus ​on ​analyzing ​& ​understanding ​the ​Client’s ​business ​at ​strategic ​level and ​identify ​its ​vision ​with ​respect ​to ​future ​of ​the ​Organization ​and ​also ​how ​it ​wants ​or needs ​the ​software ​application ​to ​perform ​which ​should ​be ​completely ​aligned ​to ​the ​Company needs ​both ​at ​operational ​& ​strategic ​level.

GAP ​analysis ​form ​a ​very ​important ​part ​of ​our ​client ​onboard ​& ​business ​consulting
services. ​This ​service ​of ​ours ​operates ​at ​2 ​levels ​:-

● Identifying ​process ​Gaps ​or ​business ​flow ​gaps ​and ​come ​up ​with suggested ​& ​industry ​standard ​operational ​procedures.
● Product ​Gaps ​having ​Odoo ​as ​a ​product ​we ​identify ​client’s ​processes ​as to ​how ​it ​can ​be ​mapped ​to ​Odoo ​and ​identify ​the ​Gaps ​which ​can ​be covered ​in ​Odoo ​through ​clinical ​customisations.

  • Preparation ​of ​a ​complete ​SRS ​and ​laying ​down ​a ​firm ​foundation ​for
    design ​phase
  • Documenting ​the ​entire ​requirements ​which ​will ​serve ​as ​a ​contract
    between ​the ​customer ​& ​vendor.
  • Requirements ​are ​totally ​written ​out ​using ​end ​user ​terminology.
  • Enables ​project ​planning ​e.g ​estimation ​of ​costs ​& ​time, ​resource scheduling.
  • This ​stage ​ends ​with ​Client’s ​approval ​of ​documented ​requirements
  • Our ​aim ​for ​performing ​risk ​analysis ​is ​quite ​simple ​, ​it ​is ​to ​manage different ​areas ​of ​uncertainty ​that ​can ​impact ​an ​initiative, ​solution ​or organization.
  • We ​identify ​different ​types ​of ​risks ​ranging ​from ​Technological, ​Financial
    & ​Cost ​to ​Company ​risks.
  • Full ​Fledged ​risk ​assessment ​is ​performed ​that ​determines ​the ​probability of ​risk occurrence ​and ​define ​response ​strategies ​to ​deal ​with ​the ​risks, either avert ​or ​mitigate ​it.
  • Develop ​Alternate ​solutions.
  • Evaluation ​of ​different ​technologies ​including ​Odoo.
  • Communication ​to ​client ​about ​solution ​impact ​after ​selection ​of ​solution.
  • Assessment ​of ​proposed ​solution.
  • Validate ​solution.
  • Approval ​from ​client.
  • Create ​a ​complete ​blue ​print ​of ​the ​proposed ​software ​solution.
  • This ​solution ​will ​cover ​all ​the ​risks, ​requirements ​both ​functional ​& business perspective ​and ​the ​solution ​will ​be ​designed ​keep ​in ​mind ​the business ​objective ​of ​the ​client ​both ​functional ​, ​operational ​and ​vision for ​the ​future.
  • All ​the ​process ​flows ​, ​business ​flows ​, ​use ​cases ​and ​User ​stories ​will ​be unearthed ​and ​covered ​under ​the ​design ​and ​will ​be ​send ​to ​Client ​for official ​approval.
  • Architecture ​will ​be ​presented ​to ​client ​with ​respect ​to ​hosting ​of ​solution and ​how ​the ​business ​or ​end ​user ​would ​be ​able ​to ​access ​the ​application remotely ​or ​through ​levels ​of ​authorization.
  • Our ​Infrastructure ​IT ​team ​will ​the ​help ​of ​our ​business ​consulting ​team would ​define ​the ​entire ​server ​architecture ​for ​our ​clients ​at ​both application ​& ​database ​level.
  • This ​architecture ​will ​be ​reviewed ​and ​finalized ​with ​IT ​team ​of ​both ​sides in ​terms ​of ​scalability, ​availability ​, ​accessibility ​, ​monitoring ​& ​User data security.
  • Purpose ​of ​this ​is ​to ​detail ​user ​interface ​requirements ​and ​integrate ​them with ​other ​requirements ​such ​as ​use ​cases, ​scenarios, ​data ​and ​business rules.
  • Clients ​will ​find ​prototyping ​to ​be ​concrete ​means ​of ​identifying, describing ​and ​validating ​their ​interface ​needs.
  • Prototype ​will ​be ​evaluated ​at ​regular ​intervals ​throughout ​its ​iterative cycle.
  • At ​last ​, ​it ​will ​be ​validated ​as ​per ​user ​& ​business ​needs ​and ​will ​finalized ​for interface ​with ​the ​help ​of ​business ​approval.